Positive impact of animals in the workplace

Bringing animals into the workplace, or having a session elsewhere with animals during the workday, can lower stress levels, improve morale, boost productivity, encourage employee interaction, improve mental and physical health, and help to retrain and attract staff.

Bakers Labels invite Paw in Work to the factory

Bakers Labels, a leading UK trade label manufacturer, took their wellbeing at work programme to the next level by welcoming Paws in Work to their factory in Brentwood, Essex.

“We are puppy therapy specialists who bring a litter of gorgeous puppies to your office. We create a dedicated puppy-safe environment, then welcome staff members to come and stock up on cuddles and belly rubs” – Paws in Work.

With 30 minute sessions throughout the day, Bakers Labels’ staff took a break from work and spent some time with 6 gorgeous 7-week-old dachshunds. Positive energy flowed all day in the relaxed space. The Paws in Work team were excellent and engaged with their staff. There was encouragement for gentle relaxation and escapism. When the team returned back to work they were bursting with happiness.

Embed health and wellbeing into your workplace

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