Invest in your Apprentices

We offer Working Well organization’s our fully funded Apprenticeship ‘Growth’ Workplace Training Programme, which will sit alongside any existing vocational training and provides key
life skills and an opportunity to connect with peers.


Over 100 Apprentices have completed the programme since 2023.

Here’s what they said:

“I thought this course was amazing. I feel like i now want to do the 2 day course to further my knowledge. Amazing instructor (Kirsty) and an amazing atmosphere”

“Great half day session”

“Kirstie was engaging and injected personality into a sensitive topic”


The sessions are a blend of online and eLearning, and includes:

  •  Half-day Mental Health First Aid Awareness (MHFA England) course

eLearning training sessions which include:

  • Boundaries and Self-care (including stop smoking and healthy eating/weight management)
  • Personal Presentation & Development (including office etiquette, dress code, Financial Wellness, volunteering opportunities and CV skills)
  • Assertiveness (what is assertiveness, learn how being assertive can benefit us, tips on developing assertiveness, emotional intelligence)
  • Six Disability Awareness sessions (Demystifying Disability, Long term health conditions, Autism, Specific Learning Differences, Hearing and Visual awareness)
  • Social Media Detox (disconnect and reconnect with the world around you, simple hints and tips to take control)
  • Wake up to Sleep (not sleeping? no problem, learn simple tips to improve your sleep and leave you refreshed and ready for the day)
  • Managing Resilience in the workplace and at home
  • Coercive Control
  • Financial Wellness

The programme is run on a rolling basis, so you can sign up at any point in time.

For more details speak to a member of the team.