“It has been extremely valuable to be part of the Essex Working Well programme. They provided us with an invaluable framework and support that guided us through the accreditation process.

We now have six trained Mental Health First Aiders, a team of Workplace Health Champions and a structure that supports training, growth, health and wellbeing.

We built a program of events, challenges, training and monitoring that engaged and empowered our staff. From active sports events such as mud runs and football, to events that engaged with nature and boosted our mental wellbeing. As we start 2023, we’re excited about what we can achieve again this year.

Recruitment of new staff to Bakers is made easier because we attract a high calibre of applicants, often recommended by those already working here.

What better recognition is there than that that Bakers is a great place to work?”

Kirsty, Baker Labels, Brentwood