We are thrilled to be working with the Primary Care Support service, which we are actively promoting the service to our Mental Health First Aiders.

NEW Primary Care Job Retention and IPS (Individual Placement and Support) service covers Essex County Council areas, excluding Southend and Thurrock

Employability (charity) are partnering with Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT) to support this project.  The project is supported by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Who is eligible to access the service?

Job Retention Employment support in Primary Care can support clients who are absent from work or struggling at work due to a mental or physical illness.  They can help with a wide range of employment issues and support clients through stressful times at work, including discrimination, harassment, bullying and negotiating reasonable adjustments to help someone reduce barriers to work.  Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Employment Specialist colleagues can also support people who are unemployed and thinking about finding full or part time work.

To be eligible for this service clients need to be a resident of Essex County Council area, over 18 years old and have an ongoing mental or physical health illness that may be affecting their ability to carry out their work or workplace issues that may be affecting their health or wellbeing.


How to refer to the service

Referral for secondary care service users should be made via the appropriate clinical system

Referral can be made by:  GP’s,  Organizations’ Supporting the Individual, An Employer or Self Referral

A referral / consent form for all service users outside of secondary care will be needed.

Contact us for further advice:

Mid and North Essex:

South and West Essex:

Service Flyer:  https://flipbooks.gs-cdn.co.uk/essex-ips/employers-guide-to-employment-retention-service/


What Employers have said:

Having the benefit of this service has given us valuable guidance on how we can support our staff member return to work in a way that is beneficial for her and good for the company.  – Retail

is a great ambassador for you service and it was nice to know that he’d held senior positions in businesses in the past so could relate. His knowledge and views on staff wellbeing were very aligned to our own and I felt like he has been invaluable to the member of my team who has really needed him. The service has clearly been of benefit to my member of staff so I’m very grateful for the support provided – Business Services


What our clients say:

went above and beyond to help me when I was off sick with my previous employer and attended meetings via zoom with myself and them. He provided helpful guidelines re phased return allowances etc and ultimately helped me leave that employment smoothly.  Is now involved with my new employer and fundamental in setting up a well being action plan with them to assist my wellbeing with in the longer term in employment. I can not thank him enough for all he has done.

She helped guide me, support me and was very patient with me, making me feel valued instead of a problem. I’m very grateful for all her help. 10 out of 10 Thank you

Was a wonderful support in listening to my issues in the work place and providing amazing support. I wouldn’t have had the confidence in myself without her advice.  Is passionate about her clients and goes out of her way to make them feel like they are being listened to and understood. Her advice is affirming and she is dedicated to those in her professional care.