Here are some items on our recent Guest Speaker Sessions.

Men’s Health Awareness month

Working Well is running a Men’s Health  Awareness month this November.  We have a range of fantastic guest speakers:


  • Jeff Brazier – Grief at Work: We were thrilled and honored that Jeff Brazier could join us and provide this engaging and real discussion about supporting bereavement in the workplace.  Jeff has agreed to join us again in January … so watch this space:

“This is one of the best wellbeing sessions I have ever attended.  It is relevant to every individual and reminded me of the importance of people not giving opinions and telling a grieving person what they should do.  The ideas Jeff spoke about are just as relevant to dealing with many situations where grief is the result of (to name but a few) a life change, trauma or receiving bad news.  Thank you for organising this session.”


“Excellent session. I think this should be mandatory for every manager to complete.”


“Really useful insight into how to be more useful to colleagues and friends who are going through grief”


“Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Jeff was very personable, and I loved his down to earth approach. Really useful session, thank you!”

  • Andy’s Man Club – Thank you to Sean Gill for a fascinating session about the amazing work and origins of Andy’s Man Club:


“The work they do is fantastic and would recommend anyone else to attend if they want to know more. I will look to see how we can support resident in the Maldon District in this way.”


“I have more knowledge on Andy’s Man Club, and know where to signpost to”

Menopause Awareness Month

Working Well ran a Menopause Awareness month in October, this is our second event, and all of our Guest Speaker and training sessions were full, which goes to show that there is a need for more information and support around this important area that causes physical, emotional and psychological impact and should be supported in the workplace.

  • MyPause – Menopause and inclusivity Awareness – Thank you to Sam Bailey from Suffolk and North Essex ICB, who delivered a informative session around menopause.  There is always so much interest in this important subject.  Don’t miss our Mypause for Men on 15th November:

“I thought the training session was excellent.  The slides were really informative and the interaction both during the session and after was very beneficial.  People opened up and shared stories and I think the session was run in a way where you felt comfortable to do that.  I wouldn’t change anything about the session, it was perfectly run.”


“Brilliant session – would like more like this please!”


“the session was very informative and useful information that I not only took away for myself but also my sister who is a non-NHS worker but has had a few menopausal questions recently.  I loved the way the session helped people share their own experiences and really open up.  It reminded everyone that we’re in this together.  I’d personally like to thank the team for this and will definitely be looking out for future sessions.”