Looking after your employees creates a better workforce. Happy employees are more likely to stay, hence helping with staff retention.

They are more productive and if they enjoy where they work, the organisation will see that in the results. Happy employees are an organisation’s best brand ambassadors, passing on their positive energy to customers, clients and those interested in the product or service provided.

There are several reasons why your organisation or company needs to invest time and money into health and wellbeing sessions and why caring for your employees is key to creating and retaining that better work-life balance.

Raise the profile of mental health

Focusing on your staff’s mental health is a sure-fire way of tackling issues of absence in the workplace.

There is still misunderstanding and sadly stigma relating to mental health issues, but with the right training, line managers can spot the signs early in someone who might be struggling and having issues.

Get your workforce more active!

Often, office workers can feel like they are stuck to their desks. It can pose a health risk, regardless of how active the person is outside of work.

The solution? Encourage your employees to keep moving throughout the day, organise lunchtime walks, and encourage regular breaks, standing desks or meetings to prevent illness for a healthy and happy workforce.

Make hybrid working the norm

With ever-changing demands on childcare and modern life, a company with a flexible working policy can help enormously.

Your employees should maintain a positive work-life balance to stay productive, motivated, and engaged, all of which will help with staff retention.

Communication is key

Talk. To. Your. Employees. It’s not hard! Communicate clearly what is available to help them – otherwise, they won’t use it or reap the benefits.

Use your internal comms; company Intranet, or regular email communications and physical materials to display at work so staff can see them and are aware of what help is available.

Make the office space a welcoming place

Creating a positive and happier atmosphere in the workplace leads to better working relationships and improves wellbeing levels.

For example, having plants, artwork, or much-needed colour in an office can boost employee wellbeing.

Introducing activities to your workplace can really help rejuvenate your employees’ wellbeing, re-calibrate their thoughts and keep them engaged.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Look to educate your staff on healthier lifestyle choices by providing educational materials on healthy living, free healthy eating options (fruit, for example), and offering staff discounts on gym memberships.

Other mindful exercises could include tips on fighting signs of stress and workshops on resilience, nutrition and exercise.

Every Mind Matters

Remember, there are little things you can do to help look after your mental health. The NHS has expert advice and practical tips for good mental health, to help us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. Take a look at the Every Mind Matters page here and take the ‘Your Mind Plan” quiz.

What next?

If you would like to explore more information relating to health and wellbeing for your organisation, please take a look at our Working Well Accreditation or get in touch with us on 0300 303 9988 or email essex.workingwell@nhs.net