Mid Essex Recovery College are setting up a new project and want to reach out to  informal/unpaid carers that you may know.

They are seeking participation from informal/unpaid carers to co-produce a course focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of unpaid/informal carers. They aim to engage with a range of informal/unpaid carers to ensure that the developing course offers optimum relevance and reflects necessary diversity, and we hope that you will support this Essex County Council (ECC) funded initiative by promoting the programme with colleagues, friends and family.

The sessions,  spread across 3 months,  will encompass a variety of elements, including a ½ day discussion to explore the current support needs of informal/unpaid carers, mental health awareness training, co-production discussions, and a special opportunity to attend a complimentary 3-day training course by the Mid Essex Recovery College: “Train the Trainer.”

Through sessions occurring over the next couple of months, our goal is to develop a program that offers wellbeing support for unpaid/informal carers. Through Informal/unpaid carers collaborating with the Mid Essex Recovery College team, they aim to create a dedicated project development team.

The final program’s success hinges on diverse perspectives and experiences and they would like to craft a program that is not only relevant and informative but also accessible to unpaid/informal carers from all walks of life.

Please feel free to circulate the flyer to relevant audiences and do contact us if you have any questions or queries. Informal / unpaid carers that are interested can make contact via an 

We aim to complete the recruitment process by Mid-June, so if you could please inform potential unpaid/informal carers about this project as soon as possible, that would be truly appreciated.

Together, we can create a supportive and empowering program that positively impacts countless individuals. For more information contact provide.midessexrc@nhs.net or call 0300 303 9954