Introducing AmaraHealth™

Reduce absenteeism, and increase retention and productivity with AmaraHealth™.  Using the AmaraHealth™ app, your workforce can track all areas of their health and wellbeing.  And if you’re an Essex business working with us we can now make this available to your workforce.

The App tracks Sleep. Physical activity. Mood. Smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Food. Water. So your staff can set specific goals and track as much or as little of their health data as they want to.

They can also connect to Apple Health and Android Health and wearables (FitBit and with Apple Watch coming soon) – making tracking even easier.

In App articles, videos and courses

AmaraHealth™ experts produce original and evidence-based content that is updated frequently and available in many formats.

From videos to long and short-form articles, the App provides all the content you need to create and maintain a life of health and happiness.

And motivational nudge messaging provides consistent support to keep you motivated.

Essex Working Well will have also be able to offer their staff access specialist courses, videos, and support.

Real data to make real change

Gain an accurate insight into your workforce’s health and wellbeing.

You’ll be provided with a secure, anonymised and customisable dashboard complete with exportable analytics. This will help your organisation to easily identify the trends needed to make informed decisions about additional support for your workforce.

A solution you can trust

Drawing on a wealth of digital health experience and a passion for whole-body health, AmaraHealth™ has been designed and developed by Priority Digital Health (PDH) the digital partner of the Essex Wellbeing Service.

PDH have extensive experience in the design and management of NHS & public sector health and wellbeing services, websites and software solutions.

AmaraHealth™ App is an ORCHA certified App also available in the NHS App Library.


Get in touch with our team today and find out how your business take part!