FREE online training

ZSA training is an essential element of the Working Well programme, for Managers, MHFAiders and staff alike.  The FREE eLearning is an easy way to refresh or upskill your workforce, and improve confidence in starting a conversation with someone who may be feeling suicidal.  It could save a life!

There are 3 FREE eLearning sessions available:

  • Step up – a brief introduction to what social isolation is, how it affects our mental health, and how to help someone who may be isolated.  In just 5-10 minutes this module covers adjusting to the new normal following the Coronavirus pandemic, and takes into account the significant changes in how many of us live and work.

You can also access the other ZSA modules:

  • Step 2 – ZSA Gateway training – this training module is a brief but vital introduction to suicide awareness. In just 5-10 minutes, you will learn how to approach and help someone that you think may be considering taking their own life
  • Step 3 – ZSA Suicide Awareness training – A more in-depth suicide awareness training session.  In under 30 minutes, the training aims to give you the skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide.  This training also works towards the wider aim of breaking down the stigma surrounding suicide by encouraging open conversations about it.

Over 2million people have completed the ZSA training so far … what are you waiting for, click on the link and complete the training today!

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