Pinch points are often thoughts as road blocks or hurdles and in terms of physical activity this could mean time restraints, health issues, life events and other life pressures. However, pinch points can lead us down other paths and finding new motivators such as family, friends, goals, events and communities can help reengage with movement.

Maintaining motivation to engage with activity can be tough and everyone’s motivations can be different; moving with friends, achieving a goal, or being inspired by another’s story or journey. The #MoveWithUs campaign understands this and monthly highlights a Move Maker who are inspiring other young people to make great strides in their active journey.
A lack of motivation extends to adults also, with the fear of being judged. Sometimes it’s about making small changes, such as getting active in the comfort of your home. The Find Your Active YouTube channel offers a range of videos to follow that are free and don’t take up much time out of daily schedules!

Time restraints and busy family life can appear as barriers to activity, however movement relieves daily pressures. Buggy Active who are part of the Active Mums offer, understand early motherhood is stressful but this shouldn’t discourage activity. Walking, running or stretching with a buggy and being outside removes those pinch points and improves how both mind and body feel.

Wellbeing is improved through movement, it shouldn’t be a cause of stress or worry in regards to costs. Understanding how you can move without spending money can help reengage with activity. Make the most of outside spaces and explore what Essex has to offer. Local and country parks that open their gates to residents offer the perfect place to walk, wheel, scoot and run.

If you need others to motivate you then communities for residents to come together and be active, is one of the best forms of encouragement. The Essex Pedal Power scheme embodies this community spirit and their regular training sessions and events are opportunities for recipients to meet others and learn more about the benefits of cycling. Cycling groups and led rides taking place across Essex on the bright orange Pedal Power bikes, show how with the right motivation more residents will get active!

Essex residents may utilise the Find Your Active activity finder to explore local groups and clubs. Building these active communities that offer free opportunities with like-minded residents can help maintain involvement in physical activity.

Motivation ebbs and flows during our lifetime but engaging in physical activity is a choice that is lifechanging in so many positive ways


Explore the many ways to get active outdoors this May! Visit:

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Workplace Pledge and Active Travel Toolkit

You can download social medial pledge cards, which can be used in emails, to help show what you and your workplace/team will pledge to do.  You can also access the Newsletter and other useful resources  For more details about the Pledge and to download your Active Travel Toolkit and Workplace guide

Find Your Active is focused on helping people find time to move, get more active and enjoy the benefits. This month it about bringing to focus the importance of workplaces encouraging physical activity.

Working in a busy office can often result in long hours spent at a desk but workplaces and their employees should adopt a new way of working in which physical activity opportunities are injected into every day. This could include creating a 50 minute meeting with a 10 minute stretch to finish which encourages a group movement stretch to relieve aching muscles and energise. Small changes such as this could initiate long-term benefits for both the employees and the workplace.

Not only are there physical benefits to promoting an active workplace but mental benefits also. Activities such as stretching, or yoga can increase serotonin levels and subsequently reduce stress and stabilise one’s mood. In a stressful working environment this could be vital.

Outside of the office, travelling to work is another opportunity to get active! If you can, why not try walking, scooting or cycling into the office to increase your activity levels whilst also doing your bit to reduce the greenhouse emissions and help improve air quality.

Introducing these small changes into your life could help in the long term and increase your energy levels day to day which will reflect in your working life.

To find out more, visit the webpage below, or get in touch to see how we can support.