KWIQ – knowledge, workplace, interesting and quick

We are proud to launch our new eLearning sessions.  We know you are busy and time is short, evidence suggests that shorter periods of learning will be absorbed and retained better.  Each session will take no more than 15 minutes, and the links make it quick and easy to access, at a time that is suitable for you.

What does it include?

We have a range of sessions that include:

  • What is Imposter Syndrome?
  • What is Bystander Effect?
  • Demystifying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  • An Overview of Disability.
  • What’s in your Stress Container?
  • 5 minutes of Mindfulness and body relaxation.

… plus many more!

Who’s eligible?

Anyone who has signed up for one of the Working Well programmes.

What is it and how do organisations sign-up?

To access these sessions simply sign up for one of our Working Well programmes by clicking the button below.