Mindfulness is about focusing on being aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the present moment, without judgement. Practising mindfulness can come in the form of meditation, breathwork, guided imagery and other practices that can help to relax the body and mind in the present moment.

“I really enjoyed taking part in the 6-week introduction to mindfulness course. The course was well run and covered a range of mindfulness practises that served well as an introduction, with techniques that could be easily applied every day. The course instructor was very welcoming, and engaging and was a great personality to deliver the course.”

What does it include?

Our 6-week introduction to Mindfulness session will educate participants about different areas of mindfulness. The programme also provides free mindfulness video practice sessions too.

“I would definitely recommend this course to other members of the team and for other organisations who want to offer mindfulness as an opportunity to promote wellbeing in the workplace.”

Who’s eligible?

Organisations and individuals who are signed up for the Working Well Accreditation Programme,

When is it and how do organisations sign-up?

Every Thursday from 12th May – 16th June from 11.45 am-12.15 pm.

If you’re already on the Working Well Accreditation Programme, email Essex.workingwell@nhs.net to sign-up.

If you’re not, you need to get signed up for the Working Well Accreditation Programme by clicking the button below.