What does it include?

If you’re an employer, you and your managers may not know how best to support employees affected by cancer and your legal obligations.

To help change this why not attend our Lunch and Learn session by Macmillian and learn about the support available and receive a free toolkit.

Returning to work after a diagnosis of cancer can be daunting, this session will sensitively explore appropriate support.

Macmillan has a large range of support for those living with cancer and their families, friends and colleagues.

Who is Eligible?

Any staff member or volunteer working in a participating Working Well organisation

When and how do organisations sign up?

Tuesday 4th October – 11.30 am – 12.30 pm via MS Teams.

To book your place, just go to our online training booking portal and select this session.

Not signed up to Working Well?  It’s quick and easy to join one of our Working Well programmes, there is something for everyone.  For more information click here: Essex Working Well: how can organisations take advantage?