This support is essential information for Managers and Mental Health First Aiders

This toolkit contains information and assets for partners who wish to promote our new awareness cards for people who have experienced trauma. The cards launch on Tuesday 1st November 2022. The project will be ongoing, with an evaluation taking place after 6 months.


The Trauma Ambassador Group is a group of individuals who have come together under the umbrella of Healthwatch Essex to utilise their skills and lived experiences of various causes of trauma to help inform, shape and develop health, care and wellbeing services.

The group have created ‘Trauma Cards’ as a tool to empower cardholders to make those they are interacting with aware of when they are experiencing the effects of trauma, and to inform those in receipt of the card about trauma and how to more effectively support, and work with, those living with the effects of trauma. They have also created a short film to show the card in action.

This communications toolkit includes:

  • Social media copy and graphics suitable for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Newsletter copy
  • Web article
  • Link to short film
  • Photos of the card and participants

Have you experienced trauma and would like it to be easier to tell professionals when something has triggered you?

Healthwatch Essex have created trauma cards that can help.

Find out more about the cards here –

John has experienced child sexual abuse and has found it difficult to tell professionals in short appointments.

He helped create the trauma card to help others going through the same thing.

Find out more about the cards here –

Do you work in health or social care?

Do you work in health or social care?

Would you know how to support someone in an appointment if they were triggered due to trauma?

Healthwatch Essex Trauma Ambassadors have created trauma cards to help you support patients.

Find out more about the cards here –